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College & Career Center

The College and Career Center is a resource for students planning for their post-high school endeavors.  Participate in college representative visits, research scholarship information, and explore careers.

Myrta Rivera is the person of contact for the Career Center on Campus.

Tou Vang is the A - G Counselor


The College and Career Center is a resource for students planning for their post high school endeavors. Participate in colle



College Majors

Selecting a major does not mean you will limit the career choices available to you after graduation. If you choose a major that you intrinsically enjoy, you are more likely to excel academically, you will be more motivated in the classes you take, and when it is time to start looking for a job or applying to graduate school you will be able to explain with enthusiasm why you chose your major and what you gained from doing so.  

When choosing a major it is beneficial to understand your strengths and your interests. Consider taking one or more of the Fremont self-assessment questionnaires offered through Naviance-Family Connection.

Self Assessments

Major Information

Scholarships & Financial Aid Info

Local Scholarships can be located by contacting Ms. Rivera or Mrs. Sanchez

Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Fastweb - a free scholarship search site
  • College Board - information about the CSS Profile student financial aid application for many private colleges; online calculator to determine Expected Family Contribution
  • CollegeData - a great deal of info about what it will actually cost to go to college; provided by a bank, so you will find offers for credit cards, etc., but you can ignore them!
  • FinAid! - comprehensive financial aid information
  • - information about Cal Grants
  • EdFund - information about student loans
  • - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • MALDEF - Mexican American Legal Defense Fund site; includes information about scholarships for undocumented students
  • - information about the federal PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) program
  • Ron Brown Scholar Program - minority scholarship information
  • Sallie Mae - information about student loans and financial services for education, link to scholarship search
  • - information about the federal Stafford Loan program
  • - free scholarship search program sponsored by student loan program
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund - scholarship information for Hispanic students