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National History Day 2017

Dinuba High School had 36 students participate in the district held National History Day event at TCOE. Of those 36 students, 26 have received rewards and are moving onto State National History Day which is held in Rocklin on May 6-7. Please take a moment to look at those students who have dedicated countless hours on the research and creation of their wonderfully done projects. I have had the pleasure to watch these students come together and explore topics in history and begin to see the relevance of history in their own lives. Several other teachers and administration yesterday complimented these Dinuba High students for their level of professionalism and their mature demeanor.

Senior Group Exhibits moving onto State

  1. Citlaly Saldana, Jennifer Ponce, and Cinthia Garduno: “The Chicano Art Movement”
  2. Humberto Mejia and David Mundo: “Cesar Chavez Si Se Puede”
  3. Alexa Garcia, Kaily Manning, Nicole Rios, and Sierra Gonzales: “Harriet Tubman”

Alternate to State (this group will attend if one of the groups above is not able to attend state)

  1. Sinhue Vargas, Eric Perez, Carlo Hernandez, and Jose Vargas: “Handwashing’s Surprisingly Dark History: The Story of Ignaz Semmelweis”

Senior Group Website moving onto State

  1. Lucina Jarquin, Diana Reyna, Biridianna Covarrubias, and Nathaniel Soto: “Fight for Rights”
  2. Alexis Torres and Leslie Rodriguez: “Vietnam Music Protest. The Fight Outside of Vietam”- This group also won a $250.00 scholarship!!!!
  3. Perla Gomez and Flor Anguiano: “The White Rose: The Seed of Resistance against Nazi Germany”

Senior Group Documentary moving onto State

  1. Joanna Rivera and Emiliano Farras: “Building Bridges to Diversity” – This group not only received a $500.00 scholarship, but also was awarded Best of Show!!
  2. Steven Welden, Eloy Contreras, Isaac Gonzalez, Andrew Mariano- “Galileo Galilei Takes A Stand”

Senior Group Performance moving onto State

  1. Gwyneth Luna, Audrey Menard, and Whitley Nix: “A Stand Against the Vietnam War”